The game that catapulted Mario into super stardom!

User Rating: 10 | Super Mario World: Super Mario Bros. 4 SNES
We all credit the first three Super Mario Bros games for their pioneering achievements in the art of gaming. Super Mario Bros 1 introduced the side-scrolling adventure that would forever be a trademark of video gaming. Super Mario Bros. 2 (while a cheap rip off the American version was) continued on that with few adjustments. Super Mario Bros. 3 set the stage for an interactive adventure that spanned multiple worlds and introduced new elements such as power ups and bosses and was the best at the time of its release. Then Super Mario World comes along and changed all that. While the first three games slowly brought Mario out into the open, SMW sent him to stardom. Taking advantage of the 16-bit graphics, the game was vividly designed to bring out the best in the SNES. Spanning different worlds, the game had a odd feeling to it that made me play over and over. While the plot has changed very little, saving the Princess from Bowser, the new characters that were introduced to the series as well as a lengthy adventure made this game one of the better Mario games in the series. you actually had to take the time to explore each stage carefully for hidden exits that would be vital for full completion of the game as well as unlocking special surprises. That was something you really did not do much in the previous games. But what I loved best about it was its simplicity. Now a days, its all about the graphics and the latest technology. Honestly, games like SMW still rank up there even though they have become extremely outdated. For its time period, it reigned supreme and I believe it ranks somewhere in the top 25 games of all time nearly 21 years after its original release. I played it in 1991 and again in 2012 on my Wii and the experience still is pretty fun, though the times have changed. I kid you not, not many games of today carry the same appeal of the games of yesterday.