Super Mario Sunshine is a good game that could have been better if it wasn't so short and simple

User Rating: 8.6 | Super Mario Sunshine GC
Super Mario Sunshine is a pretty good game, but I didn't like it that much... It's fun and I liked the idea but it was very short and easy. The idea of having Mario go on an island, and collecting Shine Sprites instead of stars was a great new idea. It's fun, because it has the same type of gameplay Super Mario 64 did. Using flood and unlocking power ups for him was a fun experience. Plus, Shadow Mario appeared in the game, and he currently is one of my favorite Nintendo characters. The storyline was great and maybe a little surprising, and the graphics were fairly good. Some new enemies were introduced in this game, and they were all very creative. I liked the music in the levels, and Mario sounds good, and so does Flood, but I find his voice annoying at times.

Anyways, as I was telling you, the game is SO easy. Collecting Shine Sprites is difficult every now and then, but you don't need a lot to fight Bowser and beat the game. Collecting all of the Shine Sprites gets easier and easier once you get better. The blue coins was a good idea for an extra thing to do, but they aren't so hard to find either, maybe five or ten are tough to seek, but that's about it. There may be a few unlockables at the end, but eventually you don't get very amused with them. Mario Sunshine is alright, but those of you who played Mario 64, will like that better.