Super Mario Sunshine was a bit different, but it still held strong to the Mario universe.

User Rating: 8.6 | Super Mario Sunshine GC
:Good Idea:
·It's Nintendo, so they tried something new with the water-pack (or jet-pack). Surprisingly, the water-pack is easy to use and pretty fun to mess around with. There's a few good uses you get out of them too. One allows you to actually run 10x faster than normal be shooting heavy burst of water of of your back and letting you skid across rock or water.
·Yoshis are in the game and you actually get to ride them around. They have all of their classic features, such as licking fruits and baddies, jumping with their little kicky legs, and taking the damage when you don't want to take any.
·The best thing about the game is the level designs. They're tropical. They're big. And their fun to run around on. One of the best levels (and one of the most frustrating) is the rollercoaster ride. You're actually strapped to a roller coaster and riding around, shooting missiles out of the sky and try to stop some baddies. Overall, the worlds are really fun and amazing looking as well.

:Bad Idea:
·The biggest complaint that some have is, although the water-pack is cool, you don't rely on classic Mario attacks, such as jumping and throwing fireballs.
·No Luigi. You could have classic 2-player modes if you'd throw Luigi in there and have it like the original Super Mario Bros. where two players take turns trying to beat level after level.

·Super Mario Sunshine may fall short on a very few things (mainly with the wacky concept of Mario not really relying on his classic jumps) it actually turns out this game is amazingly fun and a good, overall Mario game.