well if you like rpgs and think that the ps1 will be your best bet or any ps console for that matter your very wrong!...

User Rating: 10 | Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars SNES
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(Just some good reasons about the game and weather it really uses the controllers capability)

(Amount of time before you get bored and put it down for some time)

(How many times you will replay this till your system runs out of memory)

(The audio configurations, as well as graphics and to they go well)

(This includes the main story as well as the side characters and the creativity of them)

Well first off when you think fun, you about to beat Sephiroth in FF V II and about to finish him off; well all I gotta say is this is better. At first seems like a good 2.5D Mario game when you face your first enemy you have to face is in a FF fighting style? Yes Mario in and RPG that what this game is all about. The humor is Hysterical in this game. When cloud gets boring this will get your attention; the battle system is creative and really can't be copied it's the perfect blend of action RPG and turn based RPG. It's an rpg style but I highly doubt you will finish the game just pressing "A". In the end with that strategy you do like 20 or 30 damage; (later on) so you have to pay attention. You're not really focusing on it because it's not all about timing; most of the timings are fairly far apart so you can get away with not being exact. All in all, the games controls are fairly simple. Before every attack it warns you, what to press. And it's a very simple controller so you won't be like oh no I pressed "X 2 and not "X Z". Its only one button moves which is all you really need when playing, because that would make it complicated. The final score for



The game itself is very entertaining, and will last a long time its almost never boring. Honestly I've played this game maybe 3 hours straight, and not once did I really think about putting it down. Now here is why, the battles are not hard so you don't need to restart and the battles are not just pressing "A" as I said previously. More importantly, it will make you think but when you get stuck on some part... there are so many side quests that will keep you occupied (kind a reminds me of Zelda the ocarina if time) then when you think you have the answer you go and try and if you fail you go do more side quests. Hon listen to me, if you buy this game you will have something to do over the summer.( that is if you want to use you summer playing this; its that addictive).The games great-ness builds on top of each other. Its just fun to play and it will be a long time before you ever WANT to put it down, VS some one saying to put it down hell you might just piss your pants playing that long.



Well the game is fun and easy to maneuver, plus you will play it for a long time; well I don't know if you would want to play this...the answer is yes. You will want to play the game over and over till your snes system runs out of memory. The game itself is short so its nice for a long-weekend off or after exam party relaxation. I really can't say much more that if its good you will replay it and enjoy the time replaying it.



The music is cheery and easy to get into the sound effects are spot on. Every time you punch an enemy you here that kind of star tingling' sound and its actual right on cue battle music is not stressful or repetitive cuz it's in depth and there are sounds within the sounds. As for the visuals all I can say is stellar. Sure it could have been in 3D but hey that means we would get rid of like 70 hours of game play time (when I say game play I mean fun game play not the kind where you are level grinding) all in all you cant go wrong it maybe 2D but he moves in a 3D environment (not actually but the way could have been converted in to 3D) thus comes to my point is it worth it to have 3D in this game well that's probably a good idea for it. Why? well most people went for the ps1 because of its graphic power thus changing this might have saved Nintendo a good ½ million $. But remember for a 2D game its graphics are sublime and can not be matched.
(for the pic just look up "super mario rpg game play" and it will be the first pic up there( note this is on Google images


Where to start, well the whole game is really about its amazing plot and character development; there are 2 things that really bug me in a game 1 crap characters 2 really bad script. I assure you the characters are some of the best you will ever find in the RPG world. Which brings me to my next point the script is fantastic it's good to have the right idea but its better to be able to express that idea well. Needless to say that they do an excellent job of really giving you the info on these characters they make. The plot is great and new not a kill Bowser and watch the credits role, this is a real plot this is what an rpg is made for its made for its plot and its style which this game proves you can have both in. the only flaw is the plot is like an energy drink is amazing but short. So that's really the only flaw of this game.

STORY / PLOT 9.9/10


To end off this review that I hope you find correct and well written I will say one thing

"With the wrath of the ps1 raging there is one who stands long and will fend his place of right known as SNES this warrior fights with the name of "Super Mario rpg" and plans to prevail threw all darkness that the ps1 has created"

but in all serious ness I never liked the ps1 because they stole a lot of things that Nintendo had. Well in any case this RPG is a must buy and is renowned as one of the greatest for the reasons above.

Have a good day and drive safely