Mario Does it Flawlessly

User Rating: 10 | Super Mario Odyssey NS

I'm a big fan of the 3D Mario games and every year or so we get another amazing installment in the series. Some years go even a step further (Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy 2) and that is exactly the case with Super Mario Odyssey. I believe I have played through a gem- a perfect game.

The graphics are beautiful and the music and sounds are classic Mario but so awesome. The gameplay is pinpoint Mario, and using the cap to fight and jump felt natural after the first couple worlds. Every Mario game has its little niche, and in Odyssey, you can use the cap to take control of Mario's enemies. It's a fun concept that I ended up loving.

The gameplay is always fun and the worlds are excellently designed. The difficulty is just right, it started ramping up slowly towards the end with some fun but slightly challenging boss fights. It didn't feel like I breezed through and I also didn't yell in frustration.

Overall I think it's perfect 10/10.