Babyish gameplay empty levels zero synergy (play control) between Mario and enemies (again)

User Rating: 1 | Super Mario Odyssey NS

I hate the fact that Mario still controls haphazardly after all these years... lacking tight controls it's still a pain to get a bead on a small group of Goombas. There is no rhyme or reason to the play control. It's amazing a renowned platformer such as Mario has lasted soooo long without tight play control.

Leads me to the conclusion that Mario fans are actually a bit motion sick from the gameplay thus hypnotized and sedated. Why else would you cheer on a franchise that keeps delivering the same goods (exception: Super Mario Brothers 2 - which actually wasn't originally developed as a Mario game thus the play control improvement)?

The graphics are not clean and crisp. The levels are empty and the challenge from the enemies is nonexistent to the point of insulting. I would not recommend this game as I found it dumbed me down the longer I played it.