The formula works.. noone can argue that Mario is back and better than ever!

User Rating: 10 | Super Mario Odyssey NS

Super Mario Odyssey, I went into this game thinking that it would just be a platformer that I would soon be bored of before it got any fun. I haven't played a real Super Mario game since SNES or the Nintendo 64 days but I opted for Sony PlayStation at the time so I was playing games like Crash Bandicoot back then.

Super Mario Odyssey is addictive, fun, awesome and great in every aspect of a videogame. As you control Mario through vastly different worlds in your quest to rescue the Princess, you do so in style. I mean that figuratively and literally.. you unlock so many different outfits using coins or each worlds currency (which is different than the next world and can't be used on different worlds except standard gold coins). Literally around every corner of every world there are secrets to uncover. Each world requires you to get a certain amount of Power Moons to move forward but there are so many to find it's insane. Finding Power Moons are fun.. you explore, you look underneath water, manhole covers, above the clouds, in rocks, take control of enemies using your new hat and keep getting Power Moons.

The controls are tight so jumping across skyscrapers or rolling through the snow feels great. Every enemy you take control of offers some new ability which is always easer to master. Each world has it's own cast of unique characters all with their own issues that Mario can help out with to gain more Power Moons. The music, the atmosphere and everything just adds to the depth of Super Mario Odyssey.

Platforming never looked as good as it does on the Nintendo Switch with Super Mario Odyssey. Exploring, running, jumping and making your way to destroy Bowser has never been this fun since the Nintendo 64 error. A MUST PLAY for all Nintendo fans.


ADD ON: This is an update to this game because I just finished the original Super Mario 64 for the first time and I am almost done with Super Mario Sunshine so I can do a real comparison. Super Mario Odyssey takes the formula that worked so well back in 1996 and all the years after and improves on it so much it is fantastic evolution of the 3D platformer. So many more stars than any other Mario game to collect. The ability to play as Yoshi and other characters is jaw dropping. So many, many secrets littered through out the levels. AND on top of it all, you get to go back to Princess Peaches Castle and see how it looks from 1996 to 2017 graphics. It's truly something to see how it changed and evolved but yet stayed the same. Super Mario Odyssey will not easily be topped... what can they possibly think of next?