Free The Nipple

User Rating: 10 | Super Mario Odyssey NS

When the Switch 1st came out, of course i wanted it, of course its beautiful and slick, and i wanted to be that obnoxious person who took it to parties ala the lady in the teaser trailer for the system. But there was nothing on it that was exclusive to it that made me have to have it (i since have re bought LOZbotw since i'm one of those ppl who own a WiiU, but thats a different review).

Soon as this thing came out, i lost all will power of resistance, bought it w/the system, played it through and through every spare chance i had. It was magical, not only from a nostalgia point, since they have a lot of call backs from previous entries in the series, but literally every Mario game had some sort of influence or mechanic that worked perfectly with the new mechanics in the game.

Long story short; Mario is captain save'em and he has the ability to posses people, creatures and things & it doesn't disappoint. You'll fly around this universe exploring new places, jumping, stomping, swimming, flying, somethings you wouldn't believe you'd do, as well as doing all the things Mario normally does. If you're a fan you have to play it, if you have a local store that has a switch on display, it more than likely has a demo of it, and if you play it, you'll want it. Now thats a 5 fab Freddy guarantee or your pizza is free