Tons of content... But lack of some classical stuff...

User Rating: 8 | Super Mario Maker WIIU

"Inclined planes, world map maker and a free app only for play levels... And SMM would be perfect"

I got this in the pre-launch. In the beggining, was amazing. To be able to create your own Mario Levels, like everyone says, it's a dream come true. But, the excessive japanese influence in the editor make it a little bizarre for me, and some of the options are a little inutile.

Other complaint is with the search engine. Why in the world we can't search the levels by name? By keyworlds? Why can't I edit some keyworlds myself? I can't even set two of them! If a level is a puzzle with Yoshi, what do I do in the Bookmarker page? It's very lame from Nintendo to be in such low level of connectivity... XBOX Live exists since the early 2000, and it's very well made, since then!

It's so hard to make a nice level... But even so, you just can't compete with those crazy makers that in day one had already 500 stars! I simply don't understand how! I started the game the moment it lauched! How is it even possible??

But I'm not finished yet. Unfortunately there some issues with the game that I simply can't understand:

- Where is the Athletic Stages and music?

- Where are the inclined planes?

- Where are the vertical levels?

- Where are the World (MAP) editor?

- Nintendo should make a free app to WiiU and 3DS for other players (that does not like the making) to play our levels.

- Why can't I see the gameplay of the players that tryed my levels? Something betwin the Nes Remix Replay feature and Meat Boy Replay (at the end of stage).

- Nintendo should make a option for you to upload a replay of your playing, just like Smash and MK8.

That's incredible, that in this game full of content, I still can find some issues that for me are grotesque! Maybe is just me... But if you agree, leave a commment.

Thanks! Keep playing!