Happy 30th!

User Rating: 9 | Super Mario Maker WIIU


It's been thirty years since the original Super Mario Bros. was released on the NES, and Nintendo is celebrating this video game icon by giving you the power to design your own Mario level! With a unique presentation, an excellent level designer, and fun user friendly online compatibility, Super Mario Maker is the Mario game gamers will remember for thirty more years!


The Wii U gamepad is finally being put to some use, by using the stylus making a level is almost too easy and efficient! This is this game's BEST feature. The tools, enemies, and items you can use for your level is varied, making so many options on what to put in the level! You also have the option of changing the style of Mario game for your level, too! The original Mario Bros, Mario 3, Super Mario World, or Mario U! Mario 2 is absent, but because that game was so deferent from the others, it makes sense. You can also add sound effects by clicking on the frog icon, making levels even more unique! There are themes you can make your level, like classic ground, underground, castle, Mario World's ghost house, or Mario 3's airship! The level designing could NOT have been any better!


The online feature is great, because you can play other maker's levels! If you don't like making levels, then this will probably be what will draw your attention, because playing other's levels is really fun and nice to see what other gamers make! One issue is the search, because instead of searching for a level's name, you have to search a long id code to get the level!! The 10/100 Mario challenge is fun and very difficult! It really is a big challenge, and this is also something fun for players who don't like making levels! The single player capability is great for players who don't enjoy making their own levels!


Cause this game has them, even if it's so good! Like I said before, the search system is completely whack! This game's hard hitter is it's worst feature! Frankly, when I saw this game I knew for a FACT that 50% of this game's audience wasn't going to like making levels as much as the other 50 did... because most people prefer PLAYING than MAKING. So for them, the maker feature is just like a dust in the wind!


Super Mario Maker is a fantastic game, whether it were celebrating the plumber or not, this game is a testament to the way we play games today! So if you like to use your imagination in level making, (plus Mario) your going love it! But if it's hard to make levels for you, try this out! There's definitely something here for you!