The possibilities are virtually endless with Super Mario Maker

User Rating: 9 | Super Mario Maker WIIU

Mario Maker is a game that many people have been waiting for dreaming of creating their very own levels in the world of Super Mario and after 30 years you can model them in the shape of Super Mario Bros 1, 3,World and New Super Mario Bros U.

The game is littered with loads of famous items like Fireflowers,Goombas,Bowser and more. You can cram alot into 1 area you make which is very easy. You might start out simple but soon you shall be creating levels that test other peoples skills.

What makes it fair is you can't just upload your level you have to be able to beat it to prove its beatable but maybe a flaw is certain players might not know there is a certain block somewhere then unless you get info from a guy who plays it before you and comments on that.

There is a standard mode called a 10 and 100 Mario challenge where you play certain user based levels that range from Easy,Normal and Hard and some are absolutely crazy that to some people they become unbeatable and force you to skip the level offering you a different level.

Another flaw and to some this might be a big one some people have had to wait days for everything to unlock through using a variety of tools or waiting a few days for everything. The fact that you can use amibos really doesn't add much either and they just seem to be a gimmick get used in to many games. Finally certain areas,items and enemies have been left out but future DLC might see them in there.

The game is presented in the styles of Super Mario Bros 1,3 ,World and NSMB U and you can see how certain things look in that style. Overall it has lasting appeal giving you plenty to be creative with to start with. Players can comment on your course via Miiverse. Overall don't think of it as a evolution more of a celebration of the most recognisable gaming character in his 2D platform glory. Easy to use and also can be very creative. Go mad with the possiblites. An essential purchase for Wii U owners and Mario fans.

Overall Score 9.1