If you like Mario Kart and don't like the original! You are obviously arrogant of deluded to what makes a true game!

User Rating: 10 | Super Mario Kart SNES
As the saying goes, if it aint broke dont fix it, however this is something that Nintendo chose to do and has put me off the Mario Kart series ever since!! The original had the feeling of a "Mario Karting" experience (I will explain later), whist today you have the label of "Mario Racing" experience.

What made the original version of Mario Kart successful was that it was a GO KARTING experience using Mario characters, the weapons seemed adequate, it was skill as to whether your character would receive a lightning or a green shell etc but all racers had the same chance of obtaining these items!!! Then with the fun factor that Go Karting has today, this made Mario Kart the complete product!!! However today we have Mario Racing using the successful label of the old game Mario Kart, a game that uses Mario characters but races around a circuit/track with some over the top weapons that chances are based on your position in the race (a strong example would be the black bullet).

This game really has set the standard for the Mario Kart series, however the next generation consoles have failed to date to capture the integrity of the game play which made this Mario Kart such a success! Like many new versions of the same game, they have sacrificed the game play with fancy graphics and crazy ideas, whether they work or not!!!!


Dont buy the current version, save your money and buy a joypad and download this as a classic and then laugh at your mates that have paid full price for the new version! They may not admit it at first, but see how long it takes for them to download this off the market!