This old school racing game which features Nintendo's famous cast will surely captivate you for quite a while!

User Rating: 9 | Super Mario Kart SNES
Game: Super Mario Kart
Genre: Racing
Developer: Nintendo
System: Super Nintendo (SNES)
Total Score: 91/100
Value Score: 9.1/10

• Story: 10/10
o Omitted.

• Characters: 9/10
o You get to choose between 8 different characters: Mario, Luigi, Peach, DK, Bowser, Koopa Troopa, Yoshi and Toad. Along with that the only other character that appears is Lakitu but he's the referee , etc. Other than the fact that there are couple of nostalgic characters, the roster isnt that much but its pretty good at its time of release and all.

• GamePlay: 8/10
o Super Mario Kart is introduced as the first Racing game to feature the Nintendo Universe or at least the Mario portion of it. The game includes 8 racers and is divided into three different type of racers: Lightweight, Midweight and Heavyweight. Lightweight is fast but can easily be knocked out by middle and heavyweights. Middle weights are overall in general the most balanced, they can knock out lightweights but are weak against heavyweights and in terms of acceleration and speed their pretty average. Heavyweights however are slow in speed but good in acceleration and they can knock out any other weight racer. Players are also able to use items which can be obtained from blocks which look like their painted on the floor. Using these items they can damage enemies and or help them get through different obstacles. There are several modes as well, there are up to 4 difficulties: 50cc, 100cc, 150cc and than a special Mirror mode. Along with that there are 4 cups: Mushroom, Flower, Star and Special, 50cc only has the first 3 while all other modes have all cups. Mirror mode is a special mode which you drive in tracks in reverse.

• Graphics: 8/10
o For a SNES game the graphics are well made but there are a few mistakes and a few hints of laziness on the developer's part. For example the item blocks are painted on the floor and many of the obstacles seem a bit distorted. If you

• Sound: 8/10
o Sound effects in Super Mario Kart is as good as it'll get in a Nintendo game, you have all the classic sound effects from the Mario series and including some new sound effects for bumps and items, other than that the engine roaring sound seems a bit repetitive but then again it's a SNES game, so you can't really judge on that.

• Music: 10/10
o Super Mario Kart's OST includes a rich new soundtrack that is very original and well made and matches the terrain for the race tracks and stages. The menu music is pretty good and nostalgic for old players even to this day.

• Length: 8/10
o Technically you can finish the game within a whole day however you will feel frustrated throughout the latter parts of the game and that in turn might warrant some replays or redos all over again, if you perfectly paved way through the game, the game should not take more than 5 hrs.

• Replay Value: 10/10
o Being a racing game, this game's replay value is amazing, you can play different modes and in harder modes the NPC characters tend to become more unpredictable so it could be anyone's game. If that isn't enough you still have the ability to play with another person in two player mode on all the tracks or even challenge yourself against ghost characters (your own self from a past race).

• Player Value: 10/10
o Super Mario Kart is a pretty good racing game on the SNES , in fact it might be the best one on the SNES, unlike other racing games which may have a repetitive cycle like others of the genre, Super Mario Kart breathes fresh new air to the genre offering a whole new racing system that deals with weight classes, items, weapons and a whole new difficulty level which puts other racers to shame.