Now how shall I wrap up a review for such a classic? Well I believe I can do it with just one word....masterpiece

User Rating: 9.6 | Super Mario Kart SNES
I was trying to think of a way to start this review, I usually start with a brief description of the game in question. However I really don’t see the point in this instance, I was trying to imagine a member of the prestigious Gamespot not knowing of Mario Kart and my brain just couldn’t comprehend such a preposterous thought. However pointless this is you will have to humour me, Mario Kart basically puts all your favourite Nintendo mascots into small go-karts and pits them against each other for your amusement. Chuck in some zany weapons plus some fantastically varied levels and let the fun ensue.

Super Mario Kart not only features such levels as Mario Circuit, Bowser Castle, Donut Plains, Ghost Valley and Rainbow Road. It is the game that created them and many more of the classics you will have come accustomed to over the years. It is also the game that introduced to us all our favourite pixel-powered characters in a single game and to be the game that inspired so many great Mario spin-offs is a fantastic achievement.

This game features a decent array of modes that would tickle anyone’s taste buds young and old. You have a Grand Prix Mode that is not only single player but also multiplayer, a pretty cool feature back then. A two-player Race Mode, A Time Trial Mode and Battle Mode that could pass as a game all on its lonesome. All of these modes contribute to a game that gives you a big bang for your buck, especially for a game that was released back in the early 90’s. Yes it really has been that long….

For it’s time Super Mario Kart had pretty good graphics and some strange animations, like demented gofers that leaped out of the ground and humped your face while you wiggled your pad for dear life. This game still remains one of my most colourful gaming experiences, it oozes bright reds and florescent greens that the untrained eye would understandably repel. The sound isn’t half bad either, you won’t find any Motorhead here, what you will find is a quirky soundtrack that throws some classic Nintendo themes at you and some extremely annoying ones too. There are a whole host of sound clips to enjoy, just about every object pings and zings around you with enthusiasm.

What else is there to say about such a classic, well it’s undoubtedly one of the greatest racing games of all time. So much infact that many racers today still use elements that Super Mario Kart introduced. So good infact that even after the release of sequels such as: Mario Kart 64, Mario Kart Super Circuit, Mario Kart Double Dash and Mario Kart DS this game still outshines them as the king of the kart. Now how shall I wrap up a review for such a powerhouse classic? Well I believe I can do it with just one word….masterpiece.

Gameplay - Fun fun fun, what lies behind this fun is some revolutionary gameplay and some fantastic modes that still stand strong today.

Graphics - Great graphics for it’s time, the world of Nintendo has never looked more vibrant, it’s just so damn bright.

Sound - Your standard Nintendo soundtrack, think of the music from just about every Mario game and you will be right on the money.

Value - Enough modes to keep you as happy as Donkey Kong with a banana, ok bad metaphor, it has good value and that’s all you need to know.