User Rating: 3 | Super Mario Kart SNES

Super Mario Kart; a classic that many have played on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. I had high hopes when downloading this game via my Wii console, looking forward to the retro gameplay that would soon come. Many friends I know, both online and in real life, enjoyed this game; this was exactly one of those "what could possibly go wrong" moments for me.

The game begins. Nothing but retro graphics that you'd expect from a SNES game. The background music was catchy and gave me a sense of competitive feelings, the visuals were very easy on my eyes, I believed I was about to embark on a journey in the past that would be all too enjoyable.

Nothing could have gone more wrong when starting up 50cc Mushroom Cup with Yoshi. The moment the countdown was over and the game allowed me to assume control, I suddenly found myself in a heap of loose controls and horrific drifting that would only end up in sheer frustration.

The controls were completely too loose as I drove my Yoshi throughout the course, frequently running into walls or even falling off stages, dipping into lava that would melt my poor character, or even run into other characters that drastically slowed down mine, or even pushed him completely off to the side. Drifting did me no better as, when engaging in the art of the Mario Kart drift, I'd still find my character going way off the racing field anyway. I tried to combat this by simply slowing down when going on sharp turns, but of course the nearby CPU Peach was going to pass me anyway.

The controls, ultimately, is what made me resent this game. The graphics were amazing, the background music and sound effects were great; but the controls utterly left me wanting to destroy my classic controller when it was all said and done.

I never thought I would dislike a Nintendo-exclusive masterpiece in a million years, but maybe I just lost count of the years that supposedly flew by.