Super Mario kart was and still is a blast to play.

User Rating: 9 | Super Mario Kart SNES
When I first booted up Super Mario Kart and saw the graphics - which where great at the time - and the cute looking characters I thought "ok this is gonna be an ok racer with go karts and Nintendo characters game". But once I fired my first shell and saw its impact I was hooked, so hooked in fact that me and a friend stop playing the cup races and went to multiplayer. We played Mario kart for days that quickly turned into weeks. We had tournaments, skipped school the works. It's was just so well balanced, the characters each had their own feel and it was the first game that had drifting or power sliding which felt great and never got stale. The maps, though small offered plenty of strategy. I could go on and talk about how perfectly challenging the Cup races are and how tight the controls are, or how awesome a shell-shock feels when you score one, but I 'll just end with saying Super Mario Kart is still fun to play, and by far one of the best Kart racers out there still.