Super Mario Galaxy is quite simply groundbreaking! Taking our beloved Mario to all new heights, Nintendo comes through!

User Rating: 9.5 | Super Mario Galaxy WII
Just when we thought we had seen enough of Mushroom Kingdom and the typical fiery lairs of Mario's longtime rival Bowser. Nintendo knocks the ball right out of the ball park and out of this world bringing us Super Mario Galaxy!

The Highs- The graphics are quite simply impeccable... I have yet to play another Wii game or any game for that matter with graphics that can trump those of Super Mario Galaxy. Being that the game is set in outer space there is a seemingly endless supply of possibilities. There is a vast array of lands anywhere from an ocean galaxy to a magma galaxy even to a simple toy land galaxy. The diversity in this game is incredible and Nintendo did a remarkable job at executing these new ideas. Mario is also given the ability to morph into different yet fun variations of himself, like bee Mario, ice Mario, and boo Mario.

The Lows- The story is a bit lacking and virtually the same as all of the other Mario games. Peach is stolen by Bowser who has a plan to destroy the universe. what else is new? Could use a bit of diversity in the plot, otherwise almost perfect!

Overall- With almost flawless graphics, creative new setting, and a vast diversity of worlds Super Mario Galaxy falls just short of a perfect score receiving a nearly flawless 9.5 out of 10.