Can We Say Greatest Game Ever. Great Game, Great Visuals and Great Gameplay Make This A Must Have.

User Rating: 10 | Super Mario Galaxy WII
Mario is back big time in a huge 3D Adventure for the Wii. And what an adventure it is so far. Am only 20 stars into the game, but the gameplay has been out of this world. Just to Highlight a few things so far. Great Story so Far, and great levels, not to hard and not to easy either. Level Design is wonderful to say the least, great levels to explore and fun little mini games make you feel like you are back in time playing Super Mario Brothers again. And can you say music, hearing some of that music brings back memories. I have battled Bowser Once already and what a Battle it was. So to Bring this to a Wrap, great game, gameplay and music. Wonderfull game, Best 50 bucks I have spent in a while. What would we do if Bowser isnt there to kiddnap Peach lol. Check it out.