Simply revolutionary and it does it while outperforming Mario 64....

User Rating: 10 | Super Mario Galaxy WII
The game is brilliant and makes us look at platformers in a new way. They introduce an almost completely independant camera, I cant think of a game that has done that right under the circumstances. Motion controls make actions faster. Simply shake as you run. The IR pointer makes it so you dont have to pick up all those stars and again speeds up the flow of gameplay. Bosses are a little easy but I found some people playing it at my age who were not that well versed in Mario games that found it just right. What ever level of play you find your skills at the bosses are brilliantly presented and fun to beat.

The visuals and audio rival with anything the other next gen consoles have to offer. SMG even on a less powerful next gen console looks and runs as detailed, grand, and smooth as the finest any other developer has to offer. Its obvious that more games need to use programmable shaders, it really makes a difference. The game runs smooth. The textures are ddetailed. The music is fully orchestrated and also uses nostalgic Mario tunes from accross all Mario games.

As GS review states the game is good regardless of its epic character, Mario, but having Mario in it just makes it better. Super mario Galaxy is one of those games like Super Mario Bros., Super Mario World, and Mario 64 that will go down in history as a role model for the rest of the industry.