One of the best wii games released so far. Very fun to play and kept me excited for the whole game!

User Rating: 9.5 | Super Mario Galaxy WII

This game was very enjoyable for the whole time i played it. Great for the whole family but I found that I was spending most of the time getting most of the stars. Super Mario Galaxy is full of never ending fun and a long amount of game play.

Unlike most great wii games this one does not finish after about 20 hours but to finish the game properly it takes about 70. Even though you have to repeat some galaxies the fun never stops.

If you think about jumping on little animals heads and collecting stars seems pretty stupid but when you do it in Super Mario Galaxy the great game play, fantastic graphics and the different uses of the wii mote make it all worth the while.

For any new wii owner this game is must have, in other words buy it!!!!

The only con I found was when i kept dying and i had to restart the whole level because of it. But this is also good because it means the game is not just all simple and not too user-friendly. All together, a wonderful game!!!