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User Rating: 9.5 | Super Mario Galaxy WII
Super Mario Galaxy lives up to your expectations of a Mario game. Fun, lots of levels and lots of puzzles and hidden objects for you to find. It's Mario at it's best with many unique power ups and ways to use them. My favorite is defiantly the Bee suite.
You will find yourself contorting yourself because you convince yourself that you will be able to see more of the screen or object if you do. Once you convince yourself that doing that will not help, the game becomes much easier to play and on your body. The hub world is a bit annoying for being able to just pick up and play. Although that can be overlooked on how great it still looks on the Wii even for it being a launch title. It's certainly a game that will never get into the bargain bin and will become a classic down the line. It's a definite buy in my book.