A Must-Buy game!!!

User Rating: 9.5 | Super Mario Galaxy WII
This is a masterpiece. This is just so awesome on so many levels. Let's break down the subject shall we?

Story: Same basic principal really. Bowser kidnaps peach, Mario goes on big adventure to hand bowser's tush to him and save peach. But this Perspective is taken to a whole new level as Mario's adventure takes place in the vastness of space.

Music: The soundtrack is just pure bliss. The Comet observatory's music alone is just music to one's ears.

Graphics: Now this is what the wii is meant for. All you lazy developers out there beware: I'm watching the whole lot of you.

Gameplay: The gameplay is rather intuitive, you have half the amount of Hit points in Super Mario 64 but you can find life shrooms to easily get over that hurdle.

Value: Where do I begin... The comet mishes add a neat amount of RV, especially the purple comet mishes. Playing as Luigi, getting all 241 stars, all those will want you screaming back for more.

Overall rating: It's these kinds of games that make baby jesus smile. Truly amazing.