The "Must Play" game on the Wii.

User Rating: 10 | Super Mario Galaxy WII
Ill admit ive always been a bit of a mario fan, the mario franchise has been ported all over the shop in recent years so it was interesting to see Mario back on the Nintendo platform scene again. Quite frankly the quality of this game is just stunning, the level design is intriuging, the moves are great fun to perform, the use of the wiimote and nunchuck is superb. Yes its all very cutsey, happy, bouncy, lovelyness but even at 31 this game is just plain good fun, you start playing and you can't put it down until your wrist starts to drop off. My 6 month old son loves watching it and gurgles and smiles away as Mario backflips, flys, and runs his way around the colourful dynamic planets that inhabit the galaxies.

Perhaps the only complaint so far is that the boss fights have all been a bit easy, but then I am 31, I have been gaming since I was 5 and its not really aimed at me!

Truly a great game.