One of my favourite Wii games to date. Just amazing.

User Rating: 10 | Super Mario Galaxy WII
There are very few games that one could call perfect, and this would be one of the games that would receive this comment from me.
The difficulty level is just right, there is a good storyline to the game (however it seems to be a little hard to follow at times,) the graphics are great, the boss fights are original and fun, and overall, the entire game is a brand new experience and I have seen nothing like it before.

One of my favourite parts about this game is how the gravity works. I remember getting so annoyed with my Crash Bandicoot game on the PS1, when I would always fall off all the platforms. Now, this isn't a problem, you just jump straight underneath it! There are in fact a lot of areas to explore with this new manouverability, and there are plenty of unlockables, secrets and minigames to earn extra Power Stars.

The game has a great soundtrack, and the original tunes help to suck you into the game even more. It is a shame there is no voice acting in the Mario games, apart from a few "Yes!" and "Aaaaah!" sounds made by the characters.

But one of the best things about it is that like some games, it is not so difficult that it makes the game seem totally unfair, yet it is not so easy that you feel ripped off and that the game was a total waste of time and money. It does start off a little bit easy, but the difficulty gradually increases at a steady rate so it doesn't make you feel overwhelmed by sudden changes in the way the game plays.

I think this game is a work of art - a complete masterpiece.
10 out of 10 from me.

~ Rubiks_Warrior