A Mario Masterclass

User Rating: 10 | Super Mario Galaxy WII

An all-time favourite of mine and tied as my favourite Mario game with it's sequel. Super Mario Galaxy was the funnest time I had on the Wii in single-player. Running around planets upside-down and being fired out of volcanoes with a quick shake of the Wii remote for the first time are some gaming moments that'll stick with me forever. This game was just full of 'wow' moments. As you'd expect from a Mario game the level design was perfect and so was the music and gameplay. The camera issues often plaguing 3D platformers were pretty much non-existent here. This thing was a delight to play. Visually, it's one of the stand-out games for the Wii (although slightly eclipsed by its successor in this particular field). The game just oozed originality and my excitement in playing it is one I haven't felt since I was a kid playing Mario 64. A magical, magical game.