Star guide for my research (updaten everytime when I know more)

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Hey hello and welcome to my first guide that I want to write for the gamers who play the game "Super Mario Galaxy" the first time and that's the title name gived from me "The star guide for beginners" so want to tell you everything about the stars that we can collect on the game. The old feature on Mario 64 had just three different star and they where Castle star, 100 coin star and super star. There on Super Mario Galaxy is no more castle star and 100 coin star, but there is other much different stars to collect to beat the game and save the princess again from the hands of Bowser. There is some one to help you about it and her name is princess Rosalina, she is the mother of the galaxy and stars named Luma. So please read the guide about the different star!

Super stars: There is the firstly like from Mario 64 and Mario party games to collect all that kind of super stars to beat the game like that, but there is too much of them and you must collect all the common stars. They are commons because they are so easy to collect and no secret of that one need to catch that super star. Some missions are hard to have that star to get and some missions are so easy to get them. So you must get those to unlock some levels and get to other kind of stars, they comes right away now on this guide. Shall we go further?

Grand star: You can get that grand star at the final galaxy on the house of the galaxy where Rosalina lives, they are rare stars and you can only get those stars at the final galaxy and fight against the boss of Bowser jr or king Bowser itself. If you beat him and you get the grand stars from the bosses and you have beat the room not completely, so there is much to do and that missions comes soon at the game when you play the game further and you can get the comet and colored star. Do you understand so far, please read further!

Comet star: You have the newest feature about collecting the stars and they are three different coloured comet star. So want to tell you everyhing about it right now, because this one is very important and highly rare star. Those stars can't collect easily, because they traveled every rooms and galaxy to collect. This one have three different missions!

  • Speedy star: This is very easy one, because I'm very good at this one. This one is the speed run and I love that speed run. You have 4 minutes to finish the mission you must do and get the speedy star. It's easy and effective to get this star, because you have 4 minutes to beat this mission and get the speedy star!
  • Daredevil star: Man what I hate this mission, because to get this star you have 1/3 live and if you hitted by the enemies and you die directly and lose your life and must try again. So you can understand it right now, you must beat this one with no hit and if you hitted then you die and must try again. This is very hard one to get the Daredevil star!
  • Cosmic star: This is also my favorite star, because you must race and beat the cosmic Mario (clone Mario) to get this Costic star. To get this star must win your clone and race against it, if your clone wins then you lose your life and must try again. So with this one you must be concentrade where and goes and you must get the quickest shortcuts and there is no time for mistakes or you will be get beated then you will lost your life in this mission. So watch out and concentrate to get this Cosmic star!

Okay this is the first part of my update and if I get more on the game and I will play till I beat the game at 100% then I know more about the game, then can I make this guide further. So what I know is here right now, so please stay tuned for more and if you have any guestions. You can ask me here on this thread or mail me at so please have respect for this guide and discuss with me about this guide for my research!

~100% Lucarita26 productions~