Super Mario Galaxy 2 may not stray from the formula, but it perfects upon it.

User Rating: 10 | Super Mario Galaxy 2 WII
It's pretty rare to see one of those games that are truly amazing. We saw that with Super Mario Galaxy. It's even more rare when an amazing game's sequel perfects what its predecessor did. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is one of those games. You can call this game a rehash all you want, but that doesn't change that it perfects the formula of the 3D Super Mario games.

Game play, 10. Anyone who's played Super Mario 64 or Super Mario Galaxy will know the general concept. The game revolves around gathering power stars in the game's many worlds. You get to these worlds through a central-hub system. Each world (or galaxy in this game's case) is filled with enemies, obstacles, and all sorts of other things. The central-hub isn't like how it was in the first game. This time you have your own space ship and you get to other galaxies by selecting a world off of a map very similar to that of Super Mario Brothers 3.
The purpose of the power stars is to get to the center of the universe. The more power stars you get, the more world you'll be allowed to visit.
You don't have to play this game by yourself. You can let a friend help you collect star bits, which are sorta like money.
Super Mario Galaxy 2 isn't without any new elements (aside from the change to the central-hub). There are new power-ups. The most important addition though is Yoshi. In some worlds you will be allowed to ride on Yoshi.

I would have liked for the game to be harder; there's nothing wrong with the level design, it was amazing, but 1ups always re spawned after I died. That tiny flaw doesn't stop this from being an amazing game though.

The controls are great. Even the motion control focused galaxies are very fun. Yoshi is extraordinarily fun to play with. The level design is fantastic. The difficulty has even been increased as to cater to those who played the first game and are more experienced. The game is never boring either despite the fact that it's essentially an expansion pack of Super Mario Galaxy.

Presentation, 10. SMG2's graphics are among the best on Wii, and even look better than some HD games. The varying galaxies are a joy to look at.

The soundtrack is equally awesome. There are plenty of new tracks, some returning tracks, and remixed tracks from older titles (my favorite being the one in Bowser's levels).

Value, 10. There are over two hundred and forty power starts to collect. That will take at the very least thirty five hours to do, and that's if you're really good.

Great controls
Fantastic and memorable level design
Great visuals
Great soundtrack
I would have liked it to have been harder

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a must-have for any Wii owner. Just because it doesn't mix things up, doesn't mean it's not an awesome game. I recommend this game strongly to anyone who owns a Wii, or anyone looking to buy a Wii.