No matter who you are, you owe it to yourself to play this game.

User Rating: 10 | Super Mario Galaxy 2 WII
Nintendo has it all. It makes enough money to feed the entire world. And for the past 25 years, it's faithful Italian plumber mascot has sitten through it all. But has he tired himself out now, to the point of failure? Of course not; it's Mario.

The original Super Mario Galaxy turned Wii owners on their heads by providing amazing and challenging gameplay, instantly becoming the best title on the Wii.

However, this has recently been surpassed, and unsurprisingly, the only title to beat Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii, is it's sequel.
Many players will consider SMG2 to be "more of the same". I can say that this is true, and untrue at the same time. The core gameplay of the Galaxy games remains mainly unchanged, which is good, because it is simple yet fluid and extremely fun. However, the statement is also very untrue because each galaxy (or level) is vastly different to each other. On top of the the basic "reach the star" goal, there are a gigantic plethora of other goals and secrets available, which will keep you playing for weeks.

Galaxy 2's visual design is largely the same as the original, however one or two bloom and colour saturation effects have been added. The real star of Galaxy 2's visuals is in its art direction. You will not find a more beautiful and vibrant game than this, period.

SMG2's soundtrack is also complete and utterly beautiful. There are many tracks which are remixes of originals, plus tracks which are new. Regardless, it all sounds vibrant, beautiful, and creates atmosphere like no other.

However, Galaxy 2 does not just bring new levels to the plate, it also hosts a variety of new features. One of the biggest new features are all-new powerups, such as a ground drill, a cloud mario, and most importantly - Yoshi. Mario (or Luigi) can opt to ride on Yoshi move faster than normal, float using special power, and simply eat and regurgitate enemies - which is what Yoshi was known for originally. Yoshi is an extremely welcome addition to the game, and barely feels like a simply tacked on novelty. The co-op features of the game are also expanded on slightly, now a secondary player is able to play as an Orange Luma who follows the protagonist around, who may attack enemies, collect star bits, coins and other items too. It wasn't a neccesary addition, but a welcome one.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 boasts the best three-dimensional platforming available universally. Boasting amazing level design, fast paced and challenging gameplay, breathtaking visuals and sound design, and simply hours upon hours of fun, Super Mario Galaxy 2 refuses to bore you, and will stand tall as the best 3D platformer of all time, regardless of subjective opinion.