Galaxy was groundbreaking. Galaxy 2 is even more groundbreaking.

User Rating: 10 | Super Mario Galaxy 2 WII
Where do I even begin? This is an incredible game, which is even better than the original Super Mario Galaxy. And Super Mario Galaxy was absolutely amazing. The thing that makes galaxy 2 successful is that it takes all the creativity that made Galaxy a superb game and not only expands on it, but completely reinvents it. The basic goal of each level is the same- grab that power star. But Galaxy 2 throws in so many new elements as well as keeping the old ones.
Each galaxy has a particular theme that is fully stretched to all its potential- such as the shiverburn galaxy, a mix of lava and ice, with bliss platforming so perfectly crafted. Then there's the Cosmic Cove galaxy, so damn pretty it's a shame the wii isn't HD. And then there's the chompworks galaxy, a sort of intergalactic chomp factory. Throughout the 49 galaxies, you'll meet interesting and eccentric characters, and run round planets, puzzles and enemies that are full of beauty and creativity. The storyline doesn't even matter- it's the characters in it that are important in Galaxy 2. They're funny, full of eccentricity and you always want more of them. Each galaxy has a unique concept that often could be made into an entirely new videogame! The gravity-defying mechanic of galaxy is used in a variety of interesting ways, and the camera rarely lets you down.
The bosses are challenging and it's up to you to figure out how to defeat them.
What makes galaxy 2 so incredible is a,so that galaxy's very few issues are addressed. There weren't many of them, but there were certainly fun. The first was getting to the levels: It was cumbersome and annoying trying to get round the observatory. Now, all the levels are in the same place, easily accessible.
Another problem had been comet levels. These special twists appeared in galaxies and replaced all the levels until you completed it. In galaxy 2, it doesn't replace the levels, and the only way to unlock these extra levels is to collect the comet medals- one in each galaxy. They offer a superb challenge to completionists.
Galaxy 2 also lets you know when you've passed a checkpoint, unlike galaxy, when you didn't know if you'd restart from the start of the level or halfway through. Galaxy 2 also doubles the amount of the stars to collect, thanks to a secret that will reveal 120 bonus stars.
The graphics are also incredible and spectacular- it's a feast for the eyes- and the music is played by an orchestra, which really conveys both the loneliness and vadtness of space. The music and graphics both are simply beautiful.
Gakaxy 2 is the sequel we all wanted.