The game that started it all and made the NES a popular video game system that helped pave the way...

User Rating: 10 | Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt NES
This is the game that started it all and made the NES
a popular video game system and it helped pave the way
for many other games and systems including the SNES,
Sega, PlayStation, X-Box, and all future video game
systems as well as games like Mario Bros. 2, Mario 3
Super Mario World, Castlevania, and all other games
to come.

It set the standard for video games and systems basically.

I remember back in the late 1980's at my step grandpa's house
in Chicago's Mt. Greenwood neighborhood even though he was in
his mid 80's he had this system and game. He played the duck
hunting game and enjoyed it quite much. He let me play as well.
It was great fun shooting the ducks on the TV screen and even more
fun playing Mario at times.

The Duck Hunting game when played with those NES guns
is great fun that anyone can enjoy even the whole family
and not to hard though it can get repetitive at times or
if played for too long.

Mario Bros is an all time classic game and it is neither easy
nor hard but in between though it can be downright frustrating
at times. It is a challenging game that relies on a player's thinking
ability and reflexes as you guide Mario through different levels and
battling at the end of each stage or series of levels a boss.

Each stage is challenging to get through and the enemies
are at times tough. The bosses and final boss are somewhat
hard to fight but easy when you play through the game multiple
times as their attacks are somewhat easy to predict.

Anyway my Mom bought me my First NES at a Drugstore when I was 5 years old maybe 6 in Mt. Greenwood near Chicago and ever since then I
have been a lifelong video game fan!!

Thanks Mom! ;)