Classic innovation from nintendo. This game's cool.

User Rating: 8.5 | Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt NES
I stumble on an ad that said, free duck hunt. It then reminded me when I played duck hunt. So when I went here, oyu can make a review, I decided to make a review. I'll try to remember, i'm gathering my thoughts, i'll translate into this elctronic review of mine.
I didn't use my head when I was a kid, because my brain hasn't developed, so I fooled around with the zapper only, so I didn't get far in this game.
The sound struck a chord in my head, I won't forget it. It sound good and lovely.
The graphics are good, and I consider it never out dated. When the dog laaughs at your failure it isn't good. The ducks looks really great! It was the best NES ducks EVER! They look realistic in their standards, so as the sound, "wak! wak! wak! flap! flap! flap!"
Since I didn't get far, I can't describe the gameplay, but it looked fun, If I could play this game again, I'll try to hook it up on my big-flat screen tv w/ stereo, that would be fun!
I guess if you are a fan of the classic, you might want to try this out. I'm glad to explored my infant year.