The birth of one million videogame addicts.

User Rating: 9.3 | Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt NES
Out of sheer respect for the humble beginnings of this now commercial behemoth named Mario, I write this review. Honestly, I can't think of a single videogamer in the 18-24 age group that hasn't played this game before, and reflected on it fondly as the first hit of what would become an all-consuming videogame addiction. This gamer's first memory was of blasting the ducks with a Light Gun before spending hours with the family playing Super Mario Bros. well into the night.

The game certainly doesn't age well, but the 8-bit graphics are more a badge of honor than a sign that it is outdated. Is it even possible for Mario to become outdated? Playing it eighteen years later, the gameplay is still solid and addicting, driving you to finish just ONE more level, just ONE more castle, up to the dreaded World 8. Amidst all of the glam and glitter of videogames today, Super Mario Bros. still stands the test of time as an ultimately playable and enjoyable game.