The game that came with the NES!

User Rating: 9.3 | Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt NES
Hours, countless hours I have spent playing these games.

Mainly because it was for a long time the only game I had on my NES, and because it's endless replayability!

How many times haven't I tried shooting the dog, reaching level 100 in the clay pigeon mode of duck hunt, effortless tried to conquer that last castle of mario bros.

I never finished Mario Bros, to my shame.
I always died at Browsers final showdown.

I cried a lot in that final stage, get angrier by the time I died.
Damn you Browser! Damn you to hell!

Too bad I lost my NES, and lend out it's cartridges never to be returned to me.
I definately am going to by this game again, for nostalgia, and the replayability.
And so that I finally can beat bowser, on his home turf, the NES (did it emulated, but that doesn't count with the instant saves one can make)