User Rating: 9 | Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt NES
This Nes cartridge is a compilation of two games :

Duckhunt- a fun little shooter. Test your aiming skills by shooting down those birdies! If you don't like shooting animals then there is a "clay-pidgeon" shooting mode.Nothing too special, but it's nice to have it in with mario bros. The main problem with this game is... you can't shoot that damn dog!(the dog pops-up every time you shoot a bird, he triumphantly holds the bird up by it's neck and is generally just annoying.

Super Mario Bros.-Ahhh, the game that started it all; mario's first adventure through the mushroom kingdom. you push start and are instantly plunged into mario world! it makes no sense really, running around stomping on innocent defenceless animals for no reason? theres no kind of story to it at all... but who cares! THAT'S WHAT MARIO IS ALL ABOUT! running around squishing goombas and blasting giant piranha plants with fireballs! This game is pure old-school, gaming fun. Games are not made like this anymore, if your a platformer fan, or just a complete retro head. Buy your self a NES and this game and sit down to Nintendo's 80's CLASSIC.