Probably the reason I have double marksman expert ribbons.

User Rating: 9.4 | Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt NES
So I'm in the military at the just right age of 21. Go ahead, I know there are some of you that think there is no way I remember this game. Well, how about this for one of the most vivid memories in my life? So I'm about 5 years old and I wake up one saturday morning to see my older brother and Dad looking at what I thought was a cool cartoon you could play with. Then I noticed my dad holding a bright friggin orange gun connected to a gray box shooting at the screen. So what do i think is going on, you ask? I think they're playing a game where you shoot at ducks on TV, of course. But not that kind of game. I had no isea what a nintendo was or video games at all for that matter. I decide to go get my suction cup gun from my room and shoot it at the TV too. Then I got yelled at by my brother for not knowing what I was doing. So, to wrap this up, I was hooked on gaming forever, even up to today when I bought Final Fantasy XII. SO Duck Hunt has to be one of the primary reasons why I can shoot a weapon so good. All I ever did was try to see just how far away from the TV I could get to shoot the ducks and skeets. I was AWESOME! Thanks Nintendo for getting me my Small Arms Expert Ribbon with Oak Leaf Cluster (that means I earned it on multiple weapons).

Oh and Mario Bros. was the heat too :)