remembering theese klassicks is an honor,,they are not perfect,,but they sure are superb by any means;p

User Rating: 8.5 | Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt NES
in my younger days,,

i went to a friends house and played theee particular two game,,

many hours just pased away or ran away,,whatevr u want ot call it;pp,,

it was a very good time,,and honor to witness are play these two awesome fun-games;p,,it was an hilarious-great time to be honost,,

now for such old games it isnt a surprise that they werent perfect,,cuz the snes system had its negative sites and positive,by that i mean,,not all with the snes system worked perfectly,,like controlling the duck game with a pistol,,was a challange,,i remember the pistol didnt respond too well;p,,

ok so,,the first and oldest mario game was exelent but it isnt a suprise that it wasnt perfect,,it had it faults to just like the duck.hunt game,,nevertheless all i wanted was fun and something diff and it is extaclty waht i got;p,,textures was very bad but what can u expect by such an old system and games;p,,blow on the casette;p?,,anyway me outie and hf;));p

awesome-fun-time;p--after--school hour and birthdays;pp;)