Its Mario, he needs no introduction….

User Rating: 9 | Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt NES
Super Mario Brothers/Duck Hunt The game everybody had, and not just because it came with allot of Nintendo systems. This game set the standard for fun. From a plumber co-starting along side Donkey Kong to staring in his own tale about saving a princess. One of the first games I played featuring secret passages and hidden items along side great game play. Fun to play with a friend too, taking turns too see who could lead the way through world 8’s maze of a castle. As if Super Mario Brothers wasn’t fun enough to play, it also came right along side the light gun game Duck Hunt. A good seat a ways off from the TV it could provide a challenge for anyone at later levels. A good seat 2 feet from the TV…. You could hip shot ducks all night. I think everyone realized you couldn’t shoot the dog though the first time he laughed at you letting the ducks get away. Give the 2nd player controller to a friend and they could control the duck was a neat feature this game had bringing some sort of multiplayer even to that. I think everyone remembers these two classics, witch are still fun to play and that says allot in the videogame industry. Have you saved a princess today?