Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt Cheats For NES

  1. Have Second Player Control Targets

    By simply plugging an extra controller into slot two on the NES, player two can control the ducks and player one can try and shoot them with the blaster light gun. This works on one duck and two ducks but not on the discuss mode.

    Contributed by: chrono trigger fan 

  2. Continue from last world entered.

    When you get Game Over, wait until the 1/2 player screen comes up, Hold A then press start. You will begin the first level of the world that you died in. For example if you got game over in 6-3 you will restart in 6-1.

    Contributed by: jakestar0306 

  3. Easier Dodge as Super or Fire Mario While Underwater

    When you are in any of the underwater levels as Super or Fire Mario, sink until you are resting on the floor, then duck down. Begin swimming again before releasing the down button, and you will appear to be swimming as normal, but your upper half will now completely pass through any enemies or objects unharmed as if you were still ducked. This will last until the next time you land on any surface.

    Contributed by: puppy528 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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