Best. Game.. Ever... Seriously.

User Rating: 10 | Super Mario Bros. 3 NES
:Good Idea:
·Super Mario and his brother, Luigi, are now in better quality, showing more differences between them, and are just awesome in this game.
·The level designs are A+ quality! The bosses are classic. This is what Nintendo needs to keep doing.
·Turning into a shoe. Classic. Pure classic.

:Bad Idea:
·Well, for starters, The Wizard was basically the advertisment for the game. That was definantly not a good idea.
·The power glove didn't work well with it. Then again, what did?
·Trying to explain that SMB3 is the best game ever.

·This is the golden age of gaming and this is the game that lead Nintendo to victory. Mario has been the mainframe of what we love of video games and this is just a pure perfect game.