Not the Best Mario Game is Still Good.

User Rating: 9.2 | Super Mario USA NES
Gameplay: 9
Well gameplay isnt all that good cause they changed the boss. now you are after Wart in this game, they should have made it bowser. The point of this game is to get through all the levels/areas and get to Wart so you can defeat him. Also you can play as different characters in this game such as Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad, and of course Mario. each has their own advantages. Luigi can jump high and kinda like flutter, Princess Peach can float in the air for a small amount of time, Well there is nothing different about Toad he is just fast, and Mario...well there is nothing different about him he doesnt do anything special

Graphics: 10
The graphics was perhaps the best part about this game. The graphics were perfect and also the playable characters in this game have a different style of graphics which is very different from Mario Bros. 1 and 3. Its still good though nothing wrong with it.

Sound/Music: 9
The music in this game was catchy but for some reason it didnt fit inm right with the level. also the music sounded a little too happy.

This is a good mario game but out of Mario Bros. 1, and 3 this one would be the lowest. This game can get you to play again at some points. It is still worth playing this game so i suggest you go out and buy a nes if you dont have one and while your at it go get this game.