Probably the worst game of the series and is WAY overrated

User Rating: 4 | Super Mario USA NES
I like most of the games of Mario. Mario 1 was great, Mario World was awesome, and Mario 3 blew me away with its excellent gameplay, but this to me was a big disappointment and doesn't lay a finger on the other Mario titles. The gameplay was a little on the tedious side, and the thing I really wasn't impressed with was that you you couldn't jump on an enemy to destroy them. Instead, you had to pick up a plant and throw it at them. That wasn't such a great idea from Nintendo IMHO. The value of this game was quite poor. I got fed up playing it after a few minutes when fighting the first boss. The graphics are okay I guess but not as good as say, Super Mario World. Not the worst game ever, or an abysmal one, but still isn't a game I'd go crazy for. Trust me, there are better Mario games to pick up, like Mario 64. Really, I think that only the biggest of Nintendo fans will enjoy this. I personally didn't all that much.