An Outlier Among Mario Platformers

User Rating: 7 | Super Mario Bros. 2 NES

Certainly unique among the 2D Mario side-scrollers which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but when compared to Super Mario World or Super Mario Bros 3 this game just can't compare. The character selection, with tangible differences, is a nice touch and adds an element of depth lacking from future Mario games until Super Mario 3D world for the Wii U. The level design and change in how you defeat enemies are novel, but not improvements. My skills I have built up from beating so many standard platforming Mario games did not exactly translate to this one and it might be the hardest Mario I have ever played start to finish. The game also introduces Shy Guys and Birdo to the larger Mario universe and the boss fights are a highlight and among the best any Mario game has to offer. Overall the game is fun, frustrating, and a different kind of Mario game, though it doesn't compare to the fun of other iconic entries.