Super Mario 64 is one of the best games ever created, and the best nintendo has ever come up with.

User Rating: 10 | Super Mario 64 N64
The nintendo 64 was definately seen by many as a sort of a downer. A game system that just didn't cut it when it came to the graphics end of things, and it didn't really have any great games at the time either.
Then came Super Mario 64, with an incredibly extensive landscape, a great and innovative game design, and who doesn't love mario, especially in 3D?
The extensive landscape and design of Super Mario 64's "World" is simply incredible, and it dares gamers to explore it. With so many hidden pathways, hats and other cool things going on, there is definately a reward for the curious people who search the landscape wondering where the next cool thing will be discovered.
What impressed me the most with Super Mario 64, was not the graphics (which were incredible I might add), or even the landscape, but simply how well you could control mario, and how easy it was to make him do what he was supossed to. Even the camera was a sigh of relief, because it never hindered my ablitly to play the game in the slightest. And it was incredibly easy to control as well. That said, I couldn't find a single thing wrong with Super Mario 64, and I doubt there will be many people that could.