10 years later, and on a highly upgraded system, the game still withstands the test of time.

User Rating: 8.3 | Super Mario 64 N64
Back in 1996, Mario 64 released for the N64. The N64 had just come out, and Mario 64 served as its opening act, and what an opening act it was. It blew everyone away, not only because it defined the 3D platformer as we know today, the gameplay, length, and everything else about the game fit into its place. The game seemed almost perfect. 8 years later, a game of the same name (except with "DS" on the end of it) came out on the DS. It also served as a sort of opening act, and kept the belief in Mario 64 strong. The game featured 3 new characters however: Luigi, Yoshi, and Wario. Each was needed to get the brand new stars in the game. The game did pretty well, and seemed to keep everyone believing that the game had plenty of life.

Now, 2 years later, Wii has come out, and yet again, Mario 64 has come out as a sort of opening act to show that the Wii can play these old games. The day the Wii came out, so did Mario 64 for the new system. It seemed strange that someone would think of putting an old N64 game on the newly popular Wii. However, that person, obviously new what he was doing. 10 years later, the game still withstands the test of time, proving that it still has a lot of life in it.

The story is the same: Somethings wrong in Peach's castle, so Mario searches for Bowser to free Peach. Bowser is hidden at the top of the castle, and to get to the top, Mario needs stars to unlock doors leading to the top. The stars are hidden in paintings, that are actually portals to the area drawn in the painting. Mario has to collect a ton of stars to confront Bowser at the top, and save Peach. Mario is controlled via the N64 contoller, or Gamecube controller. The controls are basically the same, and are easy to get used to, especially if you've played the N64 and DS version. Collecting stars is also the same, and unless you've remembered how to get every single star in the game, you'll enjoy this game a lot!!!

Graphics are the same on the N64. Which means that some people will think the game looks crappy. However, those who've played the game on N64, (A.K.A: EVERYONE) you'll appreciate how they decided to keep them the same. You'll feel just like you're back in 96......well......not really.

Music is still kickin'. It's the kind of music that you can tap your feet to while you're smashing a goomba or confronting the dangerous Bowser. AWESOME!!!

Of course, the game lasts long, but everyone who's played the previous game will probably be able to get through the game fairly quick, so don't expect an EXTREMELY long game.

Altogether, the game's still got it, and can still stand up for itself 10 years later on the Wii. That's really saying something!!!