Mario 64 - A disapointment of a game

User Rating: 1 | Super Mario 64 N64

Mario, Mario, Mario. A character you can't avoid when talking about games or plumbing. Now I'm a person who doesn't see the apeal with him. When you hear the reviews this game gets the highest of praises. When I got myself an N64 a few years ago, I thought I'll have to see what the game is all about.

I couldn't get into this game. It was a snooze fest of a game. However it is by no means the worst game I've played.

The story is... Well it's what you expect from a Mario game. Eat a cake. Well it turns straight into save princess peach. There's nothing to it, and well that's all there is.

From what I've played, the difficulty and challenge was easy, with levels getting slightly harder. I can imagine, by the end of the game it gives some great gameplay, however if the game fails to grip you, it can not be considered a good game.

Now I know a lot of people think that the first is always better. With this being the first 3D viewing in game graphics, things were not going to be fine and dandy. I think people decide to overlook the flaws in this game.

Jumping into pictures so you can go into levels. Sounds fun. You jump in, then you select an objective. That's right there isn't any complete all the objectives in the level. You have to do one at a time. This wound me up something rotten. It kills the pace of the game.

From killing the basic of enemies, to the hardest. I never felt satisfied with killing the easiest of enemies.

I don't think I'd hate it as much as I do, however the hype for this game got me in the mood for a brilliant game, and this didn't deliver.

Side Quests0.5