Aside from a few sound and control issues, this is a superb remake of SM64.

User Rating: 9 | Super Mario 64 DS DS

Super Mario 64 was originally released in 1996 for the Nintendo 64. Years later in 2005, Super Mario 64 was remade for the Nintendo DS. Going to raise an unpopular opinion here, but I like this version much more than the original. I'll go into a little more detail on why this is the case.

So as you know, Mario is invited to the castle by Peach to have some cake. However this time, he is joined by none other than Luigi and Wario of all people. All this is going on while Yoshi is sleeping on the top of the castle. Sometime later, Yoshi is brought down by a worried Lakitu stating that Mario and co. hasn't returned in a while and Yoshi sets out to find them.

So the first thing that is going to be discussed is the gameplay. Since there are now four playable characters this time, the characters all vary in terms of gameplay. Yoshi plays like he does in the Yoshis Island/Super Mario World games. Mario... well he plays the same as he ever did. Wario is a lot slower but more powerful and Luigi can run on water for like a few seconds, has a scuttle jump and has the highest jumping power of the four. One thing to also note is that since the DS does not have analogue movement anymore, the D-Pad only allows the character to move in eight directions, which makes some sections a little hard to control. The game is better played on the 3DS, but it is still inferior compared to the N64 original.

All the characters now have power-ups from the original specifically tailored to them. Wario has the Metal Cap, Luigi has Vanish, Mario has the Wing Cap and now the Balloon power from Mario World and Yoshi can breathe fire for a bit. There's also the Mushroom which acts similarly to the Mega Mushroom in the 2006 hit, New Super Mario Bros which makes the character big for a while.

The visuals have seen a massive overhaul. Characters look better, worlds look more colourful etc. Sound quality took a hit though. It was early days for the DS I get it, but it does sound low quality.

There's a lot of added content to this game too. This includes 30 more stars, the inclusion of mini-games and extra levels, including bosses that unlock Mario and the rest and the Delfino Islands level. Mini-games can be unlocked if you catch the coloured Rabbit and get the key for that character's mini-game section. I personally enjoy these new additions to the game, as it provides a whole new experience on the game. I especially enjoy some of the mini-games that have been added.

Overall, while it suffers a few issues on the technical side, I find this to be the superior version of Super Mario 64. It takes the core game and breathes a whole new life to it in ways that I couldn't imagine. However, a small part of me feels that this game could have easily been a 3DS/Switch remake instead for more precise control.