The best N64 game,period.

User Rating: 9 | Super Mario 64 N64

I'll admit I am not the biggest fan of the N64. Most of the games of that era haven't really aged that well, and their outdated visuals keep me from playing them. But Mario 64 is another story. Why? Let's break it down.

The graphics of this game are probably one of the best of the system. They are vibrant, colourful and don't look ugly by today's standards. Every minor detail from the water and the landscapes look very delightful and feel like the game has pushed the system to its limits. The game also has an excellent, cheerful and upbeat soundtrack that you never get tired of.

Gameplay involves 15 levels, each having 6 missions in them. Completing each mission grants you a power star, but these are not confined to the levels. You can also explore the game's hubworld, Peach's castle where you can find many secret stars, culminating to a total of 120 stars to collect in the game. As such, there is tons of replay value in the game and the fun factor is always at its peak.

Though this game does have issues. Although I can cut it some slack as it is the first 3D platformer ever, it has a camera system that has not aged too gracefully. You may find yourself wrestling with the camera buttons on a few occasions to make tight jumps and landings successful, but that's it. Overlook these minor problems, and you get a experience that will stay with you for your entire life.