Super Mario Sunshine

User Rating: 10 | Super Mario 3D All-Stars NS


- The tropical setting feels very up lifting.

- there’s something zen about cleaning up the world in Delfino.

- showing a preview of the shine objective is very helpful, instead of going by the small phrase only for the stars in Mario 64.

- the camera controls are so much better. Being able to freely move the camera, not fixed incremental movement. And L button being able to auto position camera behind Mario.

- movement options are great

- using Yoshi was really fun

- sliding on the ground with water is a fast way to get around, which is convenient.

- the run and shoot water controls makes good use of the unique trigger buttons of the GC controller.

- the isolated platforming segments without my fludd were fun. Adds some challenging classic platforming to the gameplay without the crutches of the hover nozzle.

- using fludd adds a lot to the gameplay and adds variety.


- nothing