User Rating: 7 | Super Mario 3D All-Stars NS

Super Mario 3D ALL STARS is a Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy package. I will review each game separately and for a 2020 audience.

6/10: 1996 Super Mario 64: This game was the game that started all the 3D platforming titles way back in the day. Considered by most as legendary. I am here to give this game a solid 6 out of 10 stars today. Nintendo couldn't take the time to really give this game the true polish it deserves for a remaster? Instead you're literally getting the same outdated game from 23+ years ago... just upscaled slightly to 720p. A few things are horribly wrong with this game. The biggest problem Super Mario 64 has is the CAMERA. The camera is literally controlled by some turtle in a shell behind you. You can only pivot the camera to certain angles. A lot of the time even when you move the camera, it just starts moving on it's own and before you know it you're running with the camera facing you. This is a huge deal for a platformer. You need a good camera to be able to make all the jumps and to gauge how far away things are. Another major issue is that Mario feels like he's constantly on ice. You move and he goes a few more steps or you try to turn and he does a large arc. The movements are not precise and to top it off to do specialty jumps you have to face the wrong way, crouch and jump.. or jump 3 times in a row to get a long jump. There are a total of 100 stars on about 15 mini levels. Each level has 6 stars plus you can find stars hidden through out the castle. This game might of seemed ground breaking for 1996 but in 2020 it's just an outdated mess and Nintendo should of really focused on remastering this game from the ground up.

9/10: 2001 Super Mario Sunshine: This game which came out in 2001 improved on everything that made Super Mario 64 fun back in the day. Better control of Mario, better platforming, more content, NPCS everywhere to make the world feel more alive. The water pack that you have I thought was kind of cheesy until I played through the game and I realized it's actually very fun to use. Double jumping and then using your water jets to glide to hidden areas and then changing your nozzle to the spray cannon to defeat foes is very entertaining. Instead of each level having 6 stars like N64, now they have 8!! So you will really get to know the level by star 8. Major, major improvement to the graphics, water especially looks amazing. Colorful, bright fun levels to be explored. I had a lot of fun playing this game in 2020 and I think it still holds up today just fine.

8/10: 2006 Super Mario Galaxy: This game was weird, crazy and fun. Blasting off to different planets and exploring new worlds, going upside down, inside out and all that crazy stuff. The downside was that compared to Sunshine and now Odyssey, there is way less NPCS in the game which kind of made it feel a bit lonely compared to the other Mario games. Also there was too much emphasis on motion controls which was another negative for me. There is plenty of platforming fun to be had here though and it's def. one of the most unique entries in the Mario timeline. One other small complaint.. there wasn't enough to unlock to get me to explore all the levels. I skipped a lot of the exploration because you only get 1 up's in this game. I'm glad they improved since then because Mario Odyssey gives you tons of cosmetics to unlock and is a 10/10 game. I'm glad I played through it but I can't picture myself replaying this title. I would love to play Super Mario Galaxy ll though!!!