Piss Poor Emulation with only high-res textures.

User Rating: 4 | Super Mario 3D All-Stars NS
Really…? We’ve waited this long for a lazy effort? Fanboys dick ride this collection thinking Nintendo did so much work on this. Ahem… Sm64 changes -Shindou Editions -Upresed textures -Start Button labeled as + -720p. ^ fans have done this and much better. Sunshine: -Widescreen -Res’d up textures -720p Galaxy: -900p-1080p In fact we got a worse framer rate with this one I’m losing respect for Nintendo, first supporting scalpers, now giving us half assed releases? Look back to Mario’s first all-stars, remakes of Mario 1, 2, 3 and Lost Levels, sure they were much smaller games, but it was within a time span of a decade. We waited 25 years for an official remake of SM64, atleast give us the DS version too or something. We waited nearly 20 for even a VC version of Sunshine, and we just get the same game at a higher res + newer textures? They didn’t even change the button layout in the dialogue. However the only props I can give them is actually supporting the legacy versions of their original games, but do we really want that when we could easily find a copy of it off VC? Hell if you wanna break the rules, emulation and PC ports offer a better experience for no price at all. I was actually interested in the switch, till I realized that they won’t offer a next gen experience, and half assed exclusives, y’all Dickriders support this sellout brand, in fact y’all made Nintendo the sellout brand by supporting scalping, they know where the money is, and it doesn’t involve effort anymore. 👎🏽 Do I support emulation? No not really, but I do admit that it’s the future of preservation, Nintendo’s catalogue being filled with weird disc formats and cartridges, there’s no guarantee of me running SM64 in 10 or 20 more years with old technology, same with disc based consoles as well, some built more superior, some built poorly. Point is, I’m not supporting this laziness, but you scalpers will!